Unlink your reading

14 décembre 2014

The web is packed with  information and the more curious we are the more we spend time consuming this information. This is not a bad thing of course, but sometimes this can interfere with our productivity even if we try to control it. You start reading an interesting blog post that you accidentally found on your favorite social network, but this post is filled with links, a LOT of links. Before you know it you have 10 tabs open and now you have to catch up on reading these 10 articles which themselves link to other interesting ones. That’s how you can waste a full day, by just reading stuff instead of making stuff.

I have been thinking about this recently and I think the key to gain control over the time that we spend reading stuff on the internet is to ignore those links.

In this spirit, I have quickly put together a Chrome Extension that removes the links from a webpage after it loads. I called it: Unlink and you can download it here!

Not sure if there is already an easier way to accomplish that or if an extension already exists for that, I have done some research with a couple of keywords but nothing really came out. Also, I have never written a Chrome Extension before so this was the perfect occasion to try my hand at it.

My first use of Unlink is going to be for reading what a typical day for a pampered Google engineer looks like. You can either do the same thing or you can also drop a comment below 🙂