Running in the snow

20 janvier 2013

This morning I wake up to this:

I had mixed feelings, on one hand I found the view beautiful but on the other hand I thought that I’d miss my traditional weekly long run session. After a breakfast (watching Lance Armstrong’s interview with Oprah), I started thinking about whether or not I should do that run. I started searching on Twitter for the hashtag #courir (french word for running) and found lot of not so motivating tweet about people heading back to bed after seeing all that snow falling. Then I remembered that I had a half-marathon to run in no less than 41 days and figured I should give a try to running in the snow (yeah,call me noob if you want, I have never done that before).

How it went?

(tracked with a Garmin FR 360 – Review coming soon)

Wonderfully! First of all, it wasn’t possible to slip on the ground as the snow was still very solid at that time. Also, as you can see I was running at a very very slow pace (avg 65% of my maximum heat rate). Of course it was mostly voluntary as I planned to do a long slow distance run. But obviously, there was additional friction.

Other than that I found the following advantages to running in the snow:

And finally, you will benefice from stunning views during your workout:

The above pictures were taken in The Bois de Boulogne (west side of Paris), you can notice the frozen lac on the last picture. Here is also a small sequence from my workout:

Anyways, I now feel that nothing (not even snow) can get in the way of my half-marathon preparation, I am really committed to run it under 1h50 (which is quite challenging given my current level).

As a final note, I would like to thank each one of you who already donated to the charity I am supporting (a charity that fights against Lysosomal Storage Disease) which covers many rare genetic diseases), it really means a lot to me and it gives me the courage to step outside,whatever the climatic conditions are!

For those of you who don’t know what I am talking about, the only way for me to run the half-marathon of Paris is to collect some amount of money for a charity. This page explains it all! If  you are willing to donate to the charity, remember that if you live in France you can deduce 60% of that donation off your taxes. Otherwise, you can read more about Lysosomal Diseases and understand why it’s important to donate even the smallest amount to the charity.

21 janvier 2013 @ 8 h 10 min

Although I didn’t this last weekend (heel injury, jeopardizing the semi for me….) I love running in the snow. And running in the snow by a sunny day is even beter !

Amokrane CHENTIR
21 janvier 2013 @ 12 h 48 min

Definitely agree with you. Those who postpone their training because of the snow either don’t know what they are talking about or they could be just looking for an excuse to stay home… Anyway, sorry to hear about your heel injury. If it happens to heal will you run it?

Guy Leblanc
25 janvier 2013 @ 19 h 50 min


Ici au Québec, je cours dans la neige plusieurs mois par année pour la préparation de mon marathon annuel. J’apprécie toujours ces courses dans les rues enneigées. Dommage pour vous, que la neige fonde si rapidement la région de Paris ;).


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