Introducing Digikod. My first personal android published app!

16 février 2012

(by Claudecf)

The last few days, I have been busy coding an Android application called: Digikod. I am happy to announce, that the first version of this application is now published on the Market. So what does this application do? Let me answer through a serie of Q/A.

What is Digikod

Digikod is an application that helps you keep and organize all your Door-Lock Pin Codes in one place.

Why did you develop it?

These last weeks have been pretty intense in term of social interactions (= me going to other people’s houses a LOT) and I have to admit, although I am still very young, I have had some serious issues trying to memorize their building’s Door-Lock Pin Codes. And sometimes, when I was in front of the door I have had those moments where I asked myself: « Was it 4890B or 4890A or wait… may be it was 4590A… ». So this is my answer to this issue! We all have many codes to memorize (home, workplace, girlfriend, parents, gym etc.) and I hope this application will help you with that.

What are all the features of Digikod?

This is version 1.0, you can call it MVP (Minimum Viable Product) if you want, so it has the least amount of features:

– Finally, you can access the list of all your codes sorted by proximity:

That way, when you arrive at the given location you will be able to look quickly at the information that matters to you the most: the Door-Lock Pin Code of the door in front of you 🙂 (Killer feature right?).

Are you going to add other features to this application?

Sure I’ll do, I have some ideas about some features I could add to this application. For instance:

How much time did you spend developing this?

I started it last week as a side project. I guess I have been able to code only 2 hours a night (even on the Week-Ends), so that’s about 15 hours at most.

What does Digikod mean?

The word Digikod comes from the french word Digicode which is a registered trademark for Door-Lock Pins. This trademark is owned by CDVI France, but apparently the guy who invented it is a french engineer whose name is: Bob CarriÚre.

Why is it only possible to enter one of the following characters: 0…9, A, B, #, * ?

Because I think those are enough (at least in France, I don’t know about other countries! Please let me know if you have special pads with other characters, I’ll add the possibility to type custom codes right away).

Did you do this alone?

As far as programming is concerned, yes. However, I’d like to thank Ghislaine Guerin for helping me with the design work. She provided a bunch of valuable resources and she made a lot of great suggestions on how the different screens should look like.

Where I can get it?

On the Android Market of course (it’s free!!), you can also grab it from this QR Code:


I have to say that I’m glad that I have been able to publish this app within a week. I developed it for myself because I really needed to keep all my Pin Codes in one place and now, I am sharing it for free in case someone else needs it.

Finally, if you download this application,  I’d appreciate any comment/suggestion in order to make it better.

16 février 2012 @ 11 h 44 min

Oh, lĂ  mon cher binome, t’as assurĂ© grave!!! Congrats, you really impress me all the times with your ideas… Well done! I hope to have my own android soon to use it. It must be really useful!

Amokrane CHENTIR
16 février 2012 @ 12 h 08 min

@Joan Thanks 🙂 I appreciate it, now show us your magic too! Get an Android and start building apps 😉

4 mai 2012 @ 22 h 46 min

Hey !!! Very good job boy 🙂 I used to put those codes inside my contacts’ cards (iOS). But I think I’ve never used them directly from my phone. I always try to remember a code trying for 5 minutes and ending by calling someone to ge it. That’s only because I always forget that they’re on my phone…

Showing the code of the nearest place is an amazing idea, especially if codes are associated with phone contacts.

I’m waiting for the iOS version with a notification system for the « nearest pin code » 🙂 Do it before Apple’s new iOS6 will get codes managed inside contact list.

By the way, do you really consider me as you father or do your parents live in JSO ? LOL

Amokrane CHENTIR
5 mai 2012 @ 11 h 07 min

Hi Salim,

Thanks for your nice comment. A new version should be coming up very soon which will include association with phone contacts among other small improvements. As for the iOS version, I am currently looking at RubyMotion which is a portage of MacRuby on iOS, and MacRuby is a portage of Ruby for developing Mac apps. Given I am very fluent with Ruby that could makes me want to develop apps for iOS (although I have written some Obj-C and studied the basics of iOS programming a few months ago).

As for JSO, I haven’t noticed that. Very funny! Who knows, might be my subconscious :). Other funny thing => « girl friend » at Quai de Grenelle (Novotel Hotel during the Imagine Cup) .


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