My first impressions on Ice Cream Sandwich (Nexus S port)

18 décembre 2011

Earlier this morning I saw this tweet from the Google Nexus Twitter account:

Great news, since I own a Google Nexus S device. And instead of waiting for the update to be rolled out on my device over the air, I decided to install it myself. The update went fine, and after playing a bit with ICS I can now give you my first impressions on ICS.

First, I will start talking about what I didn’t like in ICS and then I’ll tell you about things that I liked.

What I didn’t like in ICS

The screenshots are explicit.  The only satisfaction is probably on the 3D graphics performances and yes I have felt that as well while playing some 3d games (like Shine Runner).

What I liked in ICS

To summarize

Ice Cream Sandwich has very nice new features that makes the life of Android users easier. However, I regret that it slowed down my Nexus S as shown on the different benchmarks that I ran. I also regret some bugs on apps that use to work well before (games, the photo app that crashed before the phone was plugged to my computer in storage mode etc.). I hope Google will do its best to fix all these issues as soon as possible. Finally, I have to say that I approve this update and I feel that once I will be used to all these changes, it will be hard for me to get back to older Android versions.

19 janvier 2012 @ 4 h 57 min

Indeed NS is very slow with ICE update it’s also very annoying, alot of hanging while running apps and also very noticeable lag in live wallpapers.

27 janvier 2012 @ 14 h 53 min

ı am using it on a Nexus one and even it is an old phone no laging I am happy with it. all my applications are vorking except the ones needs some special permissions like aptoid some applications ask for those permissions on the notification bar but aptoid doesn’t for me every thing is ok. for now


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